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Stardew Valley: Using video games to teach children

There’s this video game I love called Stardew Valley. It’s very similar to Animal Crossing and is quite addictive. At one point I got the brilliant idea to change the settings to Spanish in order to learn some vocab. It was kind of effective even though the translation feature was in beta and didn’t always work. Anyway a few days ago I thought “If I can learn Spanish why can’t the kids learn english from it?” I thought about it some more and decided it was probably too difficult for a four year old to play but it was worth a try. Well so far it has been a success!

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Activities for when you’re desperate!

As my MCAT exam date looms ever closer I’ve been short on free time, but worry not random people and handful of followers! I won’t give up on this blog! Africa has been somewhat dissatisfied with repeating activities lately, so I’ve been coming up with crafts and games on the daily. I figured I’d do a quick post to help out anyone with young kids looking for activities.

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Plot twist I’m a farmer now

This post is probably going to be unrelated to au pair matters unless you’re an au pair that really likes animals or farming I guess. Short summary is that I’m going into kitty withdrawal and asked my host mom to help me find an animal shelter to volunteer at. She said she knew someone who knew of someone (classic Teruel). Got picked up by this lady this morning and went on an adventure to what was most definitely not a cat shelter. It was a farm-animal sanctuary with a cat. And now this is a thing I do weekly.

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You’re not an au pair and you don’t even know it

After reading other au pair blogs and talking to friends, I’ve realized that a lot of au pairs are staying in bad situations because they think that’s the best there is. So how do you know when your host family is NOT treating you like a part of the family? What are some red flags that indicate you should consider leaving? (Also if you just want to read about why I got a new host family this is the place to do so)

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Come down to Teruel to get your pets #blessed!

For those that don’t know I am now settled into Teruel, Spain with my fabulous host family. At some point, I’ll give my thoughts on being an au pair in a small town versus a large city. I’m still collecting data, but so far small town life has been amazing. Sevilla was somewhat overwhelming in that there were endless opportunities and public events. So many that I ended up not really going to any. I think it’s important to experience little festivals and celebrations in order to immerse yourself in the culture. Well today I got to experience some sort of festival in celebration of San Antón, patron saint of animals according to the citizens of Teruel and patron saint of skin diseases according to wikipedia. Can Spain please come up with some more names? It’s getting confusing. Anyways. Here’s my experience of this holy pooch parade.

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Switching Host Families

Instead of focusing on the reasons why I had to leave early, I’d like to remember all the wonderful times I had in Sevilla the last 3 months. I fell in love with three adorable kids: Alvaro (7), Ignacio (6) and Clara (4). I went to the best Spanish school in all of Spain: Maus (which had a staff consisting of the kindest, most awesome people in the world!). And I experienced the Andalusian big city life.

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American Culture Through Europe’s Eyes

I thought that I was teaching the kids about American culture. It’s true that they didn’t know about bagels, Chanukah, hand sanitizer, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, applesauce, school nurses, corn on the cob, sea glass, and putting a thermometer under your tongue… but for the most part they already had it down.

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The Birds and the Bees

I know I have a significant backlog of updates, but hey… it’s the holidays. But I’d like to comment on my near death experiences when the kids got a little too close to The Talk™. It’s something that didn’t cross my mind when deciding to become an au pair. But it’s sort of important. Feel free to skip to the funny video at the end 😛

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